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I am glad to be a part of this new forum, my name is Sue Ann and I have been doing Ceramics for almost 30 years and teaching for 28, I just recently retired and closed my business and now it is all for fun. I had become a ceramic mold junkie. LOL I had to have them all!! At least I tried in my own way! I loved molds and I loved animals and Indians. I also loved the holidays. Dry Brushing was my favorite technique and I loved teaching it! When you could teach someone to do it properly, they were hooked for good, they could not believe that they had actually painted that!! That is how I felt the first time I finished my first dry brushed piece!! Some glazed pieces give you that same feeling, but not quite as much as does that dry brushed pice with that realistic look you get, I did a raccoon holding on to a turtle and I carried that thing around and showed it to everyone, whether they wanted to see it or not LOL I was so proud of that thing!! I dry brushed everything for months after that first class. I love to hear stories from others about their businesses or their hobbies or even just about a piece they are proud of.  I even love hearing about shows you have been to. My mom, sister an I use to attend the Columbus Show every year at the Veterens Memorial, it was like a Holiday for us, we would make a weekend out of it and go to Scioto as well, as they would have an Open house with Guest mold companies set up and it was like two shows in one weekend!! A Ceramists Dream!!!! I was in Heaven!! Oh how I miss it!! I still have pictures I took!! Oh my how many mold companies that have closed since then. So sad :( Hope to hear from all of you my new friends.
Sue Ann Joslin

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Hi Sue Ann,

I love your story. I remember those days as well and especially Scioto.The big show for us here on the east coast was Asbury Park. That show was huge. I did my very first ceramic piece many years ago when I was about 12 with my mother and grand mother. It was a glazes toothpick holder (as you can see I really stepped outside the box for this one). My grand mother had her own kiln so we would go to her house every couple of weeks to paint. Those where the days. Since that time I becames a Ceritified Duncan Instructor, ran my own shop, taught classes, picked up decorative painting..........where has all the time One technique that attended a seminar with Duncan many years ago that I just loved (other than drybrushing because I like that a lot as well, with you there Sue) was airbrushing. I just loved airbrushing on animals, christmas items, and even did some T-shirts. I just found it fun. Anyway, love your post. Please continue to so we know what is going on with your projects. Better some pictures. That would be great. Have a great day and HAPPY PAINTING!
Hi Sue and David and thank you for your stories, which I can relate to in many ways. Looking back over the time when ceramics was very popular in Australia, it was such a great time and I also have wonderful memories. Unfortunately, there are very few ceramic studios around now in Australia and I have not followed much about the ceramic scene until I fouind this group. I guess Sue, it is a shock to see many of the older mould companies have gone. What about the different glaze companies. Are many of them gone as well? David, you mention Asbury Park, and I have great memories of visiting Asbury Park for about 4 days as a guest of Olivia and Larue Higgs. It was mind boggling for one from Australia who had never seen anything like this on such a grand scale. I think it is wonderful finding such a group when here I was, thinking ceramics was dead and buried. Thank you so much David for the invite to join. Regards Lyda

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