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Are there any decorative artists in the Steubenville, OH area? I was wondering if there is a local chapter close by. I think is would be fun to have others to paint with and get to know.

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Oh I have been to your city, love the murals and the Creegans puppet store. I live in western PA. here is a list of the Society of Decorative Painers chapters if this helps, looks like Wooster might be your closest.?
Thanks, Beverly! Where in PA are you located? I actually live outside of Steubenville in Bloomingdale.
I live in Beaver Falls and my younger sister lives in Calcutta, Oh and she takes me around the areas to see things like the murals in Stubenville and a smaller little town, can't think of the name of it with a wonderful bridge type structure a lady painted so well, looks like a brick wall. so neat to see. awww it was Wellsville, just so enjoyed seeing it all. great painting. since I have only been painting since retirement she is trying to keep me motivated, grin. would be fun to meet sometime for a coffee or something

I would like to meet and talk. Let me know when you want to. I could meet you in Calcutta if you want.
Dear Diane,
Have you tried contacting HOOT or the Society of Decorative Painters? Many chapters belong to SDP. The Heart of Ohio Tole (HOOT) Chapter should be able to help you contact someone in your area. Their show is in a few weeks (Aug 9-14). Please come and say hello. This is the biggest gathering of Ohio artists you will find. A great show. Lots of classes, Special Events and Exhibitors.
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Yes, I am a member but have never been to a meeting yet. Because of work I usually can't go, the same goes for the convention. I would love to but can't. There aren't any members in my area either.

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