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New editions planned for 2013 for CERAKANVAS magazine!

The Ceramic Artist Guild has 4 great issues planned for 2013, plus a couple of surprise items as well. If you have never sen CERAKANVAS , check out our archives of past issues at CERAKANVAS For all artists out there,…


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A call for submissions of your art and techniques . . .

Hey decorative painters! We would like to invite you to submit your work for publication

We are looking for great examples of decorative painting (must be on a ceramic surface) to be included in our 2012 Holiday edition of CERAKANVAS magazine "The Art of the…


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January Opportunity for Judging Seminar

Just wanted to remind everyone that we will be hosting the CAG Master Judging Seminar (PHASE I) in Las Vegas Neveada on January 24th. There are still a few seats left. Cost is $160. If interested contact Tommy Lee at for more information.

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Attention Decorative Painters . . .

We wanted to make sure you all realized that the CAG Master Judging Program is also a great place for Decorative Painters to gain a new insight on critiqueing decorative painting styles as well. Of course we are focused towards DP being done on ceramic surfaces, understanding the brushtrokes and styles is relevant to the art form. We hope you will join us as we certify jusges around the US this summer. We have actually built DP catagories (using a ceramic surface) into the competition and… Continue

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Here comes da Judge, here comes da Judge. . .

So when you hear, "Judge Jan", Judge Kathy H", "Judge Kitty", "Judge Donna", "Judge Kathy B" and "Judge Margie" what do you think? No it's not the new fall line up of Judge shows on TV, It's the new line up of recently entered Ceramic Art Judges in the CAG! Oh yeah! Wouldn't you like your name added to the list! Sign up for a judging seminar this summer.…


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Another great issue of CERAKANVAS is now available. Check David Vernon's great DP piece.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE . . .! The "Coffee and Clay" edition of CERAKANVAS is "live" and showing on a computer near you. Check out the link below. Please remember to click on the guest book and tell us what you think. So pour yourself a cup of coffee, and get comfortable, this is a big

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Would you like to become a ceramic art judge -

Have you ever wondered how people get invited to judge art shows? Well if it is

a respectable well run event they are selected from a pool of trained and

certified individuals. Just being a great artist does not automatically make you

a great or even usable judge. The CAG is offering it's "Master Judging

Credentialing" classes across the US this summer. We will also have on-line

based training programs, but if you can make it to one of the "live" sessions

you will happy… Continue

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